Friday, June 8

FAB-Design Mercedes Mclaren

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The SLR Desire is a creation of Swiss tuners FAB-Design, specialists in Mercedes-Benz customization. The SLR Desire is their first attempt at modifying the SLR and the vehicle was first unveiled at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show.

The FAB-Design Mercedes Mclaren SLR Desire features a very noticeable and polarizing body modification which is sure to have both the "love it" and "hate it" camps split into equal numbers. The styling seems to be partially inspired by the design of the original Mercedes-Benz 300 SL from the 1950s, and the two cars share the same distinctive horizontal wheel arch extensions.

The radical front end of the SLR Desire features enlarged intakes and a much deeper front bumper with an integrated lip spoiler, new vents have also been incorporated into the bumper just forward of the front wheels. Down the sides the new side sills are noticeably deeper and wider and help to connect the front and rear wheel arch extensions. At the rear of the SLR Desire a distinctive 'V' shaped design divides the larger diffuser into two separate side. This v-shaped styling is echoed in the upside-down v-shape of the rear spoiler mounting. The massive 20" wheels of the SLR Desire are also a product of FAB-Design.

Powering the SLR Desire is the same 5.4 litre supercharged V8 found in the standard car, however FAB-Design have managed to up the power output to 750 horsepower and, raise the torque level to an enormous 1,080 Nm. This setup gives the SLR Desire a top speed of 196 mph and a 0-62 mph (100km/h) time of 3.6 seconds.


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