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Top 10 Lies That Men Tell Women

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Men have been lying to women since the beginning of time for two reasons basically. The number one reason men lie is to get into bed with a woman. The second reason men lie is to make a woman happy and keep her contempt. So why do men feel the need to lie to women to obtain sex or to see her happy? Women have a deep underlying need to either feel completed or satisfied and they often seek out advice from men in the form of questions. Additionally, men know that women want sex to be meaningful instead of just meaningless one night fun or random passionless hook ups. Below are the 10 most common lies that men tell women.

1 – “Do I look fat?” No, you look beautiful

This is a very tricky question. They want to know they look stunning but they want a somewhat honest opinion on the matter. This isn’t exactly a scenario where they want to be told exactly how they look but they want you to acknowledge how good they look, due to their entire time spent getting ready.
When women are being raised by their parents, they’re taught to believe that they’re all princesses and they all look beautiful in their own way. Contrary to popular belief, women do not dress up for the attention they receive from men, but they do it for the attention from other women. What?! I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out. When women go out, they’re actually competing for attention and they secretly hate every other woman in that club.

2 – I don’t like or go to strip clubs

There is nothing wrong with going wrong to a strip club or admiring women dancing half naked for money. It’s in our genetics and part of who men are to love going to strip clubs and to see women half naked. Some men feel that they would look disgusting or that a woman would feel a man is much less attractive knowing that he goes to a place to admire women dancing on a pole all night.
However, women know about our natural born habits and what makes men tick. Women know that men love seeing beautiful girls dance around in barely anything, but the real underlying concern is that he’s going to bring one of them home or go to a hotel room. I think there’s a slight issue of trust here when it comes to bars and strip clubs, because it’s not so much the thought of looking at other women but it’s the thought of acting on it that scares most women.

3 – We’ll discuss it later

To put this as short as possible, when a man says he wants to discuss it later, he simply doesn’t want to talk about it. If you don’t believe me, bring up monster trucks, guns, explosions, Michael Bay movies, hot women or money. Trust me, a man doesn’t mind talking away about something he enjoys or loves, so if he’s telling you that he wants to discuss it later, he simply doesn’t want to discuss it at all.
This works vice versa as well. They’re relatively the same but just slightly different in theory. When a man and woman are in an argument, they might reach a standoff point to where the man says “I don’t want to talk about this right now, we’ll talk about it later.” What he is really saying is, “I don’t want to talk about this at all.” When a woman however says the exact same thing, it really means “I want you to figure out why I’m mad at you and I want you to care!” Women just want men to care about the things they care about, it’s really that easy.

4 – You look just like Scarlett Johansson

Again, women have a deep felted need to look as beautiful as they possibly can because most of them are raised to believe they’re all beautiful and princesses on the inside.

5 – I love your cooking

Now, before I touch this one, I’m going to say it once. There are both bad and good women and men cooks. However, it’s not uncommon for your significant other or a family member to cook a meal and then once you try to feed it to the dog, even your dog doesn’t want to eat it.
So why do people scarf it down and tough it out anyways? The self-satisfaction a woman gains from feeding a family is one of her greatest feelings she can have. Telling her “I love your cooking” gives her a warm feeling and telling her the opposite will either A: get a skillet thrown at your head or B: make her cry. I’m pretty confident there is no C there.

6 – I only think of you, I never think of other women

This one is one of the most ridiculous ones there is. Almost all women are intelligent enough to know that this is simply a line of bologna and nothing more. It’s natural to always think about sex and other women, you’re a man. However, you just need self-control not to act on those urges.

7 – I love watching chick flicks

Only women like walking chick flicks. I don’t care how cute you thought Jennifer Anniston was in the latest comedy romance, you weren’t going for the plot, you were going for what the movie could possibly lead to later that night.

8 – I love spending time with your family

We as human beings are biologically designed to hate both the people that our kids marry into and the family that comes with marrying into someone. We’re always convinced we’re never good enough for them and vice versa and it turns into a nasty circle.
It’s not necessarily that the family hates your man, but he’s under the understanding they do and in turn, it makes meet ups and any family get together awkward.

9 – I’m sorry

I’m sorry is simply a way of saying, “there I said it, now will you PLEASE DROP IT?!” After a certain point is reached into an argument, you just want the argument to end and you don’t care who is right or who is wrong. Women care far more about the topics they’re arguing about than men do, so eventually this leads to either A: A sorry that basically says, “there, now shut up about it.” Or B: the far less common sincere apology.

10 – I love you

I love you is one of the most common used lines by men to do one thing and one thing only. Get into bed. I’m not saying that no “I love you” ever said is sincere, because there are times when men say it and they mean it, but a good majority of the time, it ends up being a scenario in which a man drops the big L word to hope raise emotions so that a woman will take him to bed.



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