Tuesday, October 9

BALI: a beautiful island in Indonesia

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Bali is one of thousands of beautiful islands in Indonesia, lies to the east of Java and the west of Lombok. Bali is well known as "The Goddess Island" or "The Island of The Thousand Puras/Temples." Bali is also associated with "Paradise", and not without reason.

The combination of friendly, hospitable people, the physical beauty of the island, a magnificently visual culture infused with spirituality and (not least) spectacular beaches with great surfing and diving, and the year-round pleasant climate have made Bali Indonesia's unparalleled number one tourist attraction. That's why Bali is also a place regarded by many visitors as the "Ultimate Island". If it's not enough to convince you that Bali is so gorgeous, know this, the island of Bali is year after year voted by the readers of all major travel magazines as the most enchanting travel and holiday destination in the whole world.

Hence, what to do in Bali? The answer is endless. It depends entirely on you and yourself. Bali is a wonderful destination with something for everyone, and though heavily traveled, it is still easy to find some peace and quiet if you like. If you are a spa buff, you will find Bali as the world spa capital - from budget to most exclusive ones. If you are a beach lover, I'm sure you'll rate Bali among the top ten of your beach favorites. If you are an interior or fashion designer, Bali is the place where you can get the most unique and fresh ideas. Whatever you do, there is always a piece of Bali just right for you.

Yes, Bali is multidimensional. Culture, nature, arts, cuisine, sports, shopping, whatever - could be found at their most unique elements in Bali. Even doing nothing comes at its best in this Island of Paradise. During the Nyepi celebration - a yearly tradition where people observe silence, cease from doing any evil, cut out lights entirely. Unquestionably, it is the best remedial solution for your tired soul.



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